‘American Crime’ producers tackle high school hazing partly to ‘shame’ perpetrators

by Webmaster1/27/2016

Season 1 of ABC’s drama “American Crime” traced the lives of those affected by a murder, reliable subject matter which the show deftly handled to the tune of critical acclaim and 10 Primetime Emmy nominations. This season, however, the producers made a bold shift, tackling the difficult topic of high school hazing — a narrative that somehow feels both ripped-from-the-headlines and mutually under-publicized.  

Michael J. McDonald, one of the executive producers of “American Crime,” said the decision to cover hazing was made partly to put a spotlight on the perpetrators in hopes of curbing such issues. “There are so many more men that have had some sort of hazing incident that they carry the shame [over],” McDonald told The Washington Post in a phone interview this month. “The people who did this to them should be shamed.”

Read the full article from the Washington Post. 

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