Student Allegedly Forced To Eat Cat Food In Towson University Hazing Incident

by Webmaster4/7/2016

The investigation continues into an alleged hazing incident off-campus at Towson University. Now this is more fallout for the fraternity allegedly involved. The fraternity is still suspended at Towson, but it’s not the first time. Other TKE chapters have been banned from campuses across the country. Towson University and Baltimore County police are still investigating claims that a student was nearly poisoned while pledging the Tau Kappa Epsilon fraternity. “

Everyone here knows now. But had that not come to light, nobody would know about it. They would still be here,” said Jared Welsh, student.

Now TKE members are not allowed to have any contact with pledges whatsoever. “When we get an allegation of hazing, we respond immediately,” said Ray Feldman, Towson University spokesperson.


A relative of the victim tells WJZ, last week, he was allegedly forced to eat cat food and drink a substance, causing him to vomit blood.

The national chapter suspended its Towson branch. “Hazing is OK if it brings people closer together, if it’s fun. But when it gets to the point where you’re putting someone down and that’s supposed to be your brother, that’s really sad,” said Lauren Hoke, student.

It’s the latest blow to a fraternity fraught with problems.

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