Stop School Sports Hazing to Protect Victims -- And Your Football Season

by Webmaster9/1/2016

While school sports hazing is being taken more seriously than in the days when I first started covering it, violence and sexual assault in the presumed name of building team unity is still a big problem, in part because there are still plenty of adults unwilling to take the necessary steps to stamp it out. (That’s in part because hazing as a form of initiation is so ingrained, and if you don’t believe me, here is a list of hazing deaths – since 1838.)


The news items below, taken just from the last 10 days, should warn parents and communities that accepting hazing as a fact of life can lead to tragic consequences, and coaches should give players a clear message that hazing is unacceptable, and that their actions will be supervised. And schools should give that message to their coaches, their students and the wider community. The consequences when hazing happens can be horrible for the victims, but as you’ll see here, they also can have an effect that ripples into the wider community.

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