An expert explains the history of hazing

by Webmaster8/29/2016

Hank Nuwer has kept a record of every hazing death since 1838.

Hank Nuwer is a professor of journalism at Franklin College. He has spent over 30 years researching the topic of hazing on college campuses and has compiled a database of hazing-related deaths dating back to 1838. He is passionate about the prevention of hazing and has written extensively on the topic, both online and in print, in an attempt to shed light on a serious issue on college campuses.


Throwback Thursday: Greek hazing abolished in 1959 National Fraternity Convention

by Webmaster12/3/2015

In 1959, hazing within Greek organizations was a practice soon to be changed by the National Fraternity Convention.

Colleges around the nation were trying to eliminate the established campus tradition of hazing during the 50th National Interfraternity Conference. Convention attendees wanted the practice abolished “as soon as practically possible” due to its severity.

About 300 undergraduates and 900 alumni attended the conference, which represented 59 fraternities totaling 150,000 undergraduate members.

Bob Blair, the vice president, Jack Mack, the treasurer, and Marty Sophir, the secretary, attended the conference as a Nebraska representative. More...

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