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The Human Equation, in conjunction with the country’s foremost expert on hazing, Professor Hank Nuwer, has created two online courses that explore the causes of hazing and the harmful effects it has on both hazers and their victims. Made clear in both courses is the fact that whether hazing activities are intended only as "fun and games" or as a means of getting members to prove their "worthiness," hazing is usually illegal and always dangerous. The courses offer strategies for combating hazing and alternative activities that can promote camaraderie without intimidation and humiliation. Choose from the courses below to educate students, club members, Greek organizations, athletes, and professionals about the dangers of hazing.

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Hazing: Rites and Wrongs Now!

hazing rites and wrongs

Hazing: Rites and Wrongs of Passage, Online Course

Hazing among college fraternities, sororities, and student organizations is an overlooked but nonetheless serious and widespread problem. This course, the first of its kind in the country, vividly describes hazing's harmful, sometimes life-altering effects, clearly explains what propels people to participate in hazing, and outlines steps individuals and groups can take to prevent hazing. Included are numerous real-life examples of hazing incidents, interviews of victims, and testimony from a parent whose son died as a result of hazing.

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Hazing: A Dangerous Lie Now!

Hazing: A Dangerous Lie, Online Course

The always humiliating and often dangerous activities associated with hazing persist among organizations, teams, and clubs at all levels of society. Though virtually every member of a group has heard at least one hazing horror story, the misconception that "nothing is going to happen to me and my friends" persists. This course explores the myth that hazing is the best method of promoting strong ties of friendship and loyalty among group members. By conveying the facts about hazing and showing the life-altering effects it can have on those who participate in it, the course inspires individuals to prevent and resist it. The course also includes real-life examples of hazing incidents, interviews of those whose lives have been affected by hazing, and testimony from a parent whose son died as a result of hazing.

hazing dangerous lie online training